Vendible wallet

A testing ground for new ideas and innovation. Solving difficult problems in identity, data, and privacy so that other wallets and applications can benefit from our infrastructure.


The Vendible wallet is in closed beta. Vendible will continue to keep registrations closed for the wallet as we use this application as a testing ground for our innovations.

The Vendible wallet was released to alpha testing in January 2021 and closed beta in April 2021. The wallet has a waitlist of over 450k people thanks to a viral campaign that exploded in late 2021.

Besides our first product release, the wallet provides the first example of a direct link between identity and assets.Our early testing and discovery focused on user experience. To generate our main DID account, an individual must
first undergo a verification process. We understand this is not intuitive and may turn some people away from using the
product. To ensure success, we needed to correctly explain several vital points in the process.

First, identity verification is necessary to produce the primary decentralized identifier, ensuring our network’s uniqueness. Without this initial check, most of our services would not be possible.

Second, Vendible does not have access to any data or assets as part of this account creation process, nor do we desire to manage member assets. We operate on a sovereign model and do not believe that key custody or control over member assets is necessary for the proper operation of the network. Our validators and other participants on the network must make the same pledge to uphold member sovereignty.

Developers can embed our wallet infrastructure in their applications to manage user accounts with hierarchy controls while maintaining web3 principles.

Focus Areas


Optimization of ZKSNARK protocols and methods to reduce circuit generation and proof times while enhancing privacy-preserving mechanisms for account generation, data management, and payments.


Testing and optimization of security measures for key management, messaging systems, and smart contracts to ensure member assets and data are protected.


Exploring enhanced biometrics to ensure the uniqueness of each member in our network along with frameworks for portable identity across web2 and web3 applications.


User-owned data held in encrypted decentralized storage is a key priority for Vendible. Our wallet allows us to test various structures for storage and access.

Associated Accounts

All Vendible systems run on our zero-knowledge proof accounts. We are testing novel ways to automate dApps and access web2 applications while maintaining privacy.

Authorization Systems

Vendible DIDs provide the ideal structure for reusable identity. We are implementing measures to prevent bots, SSO, zkSnark signup filters, and ongoing KYC and AML checks for wallets and applications.

Upcoming Releases

Automated associated accounts

To ensure a seamless user experience, Vendible is automating the creation of associated accounts for connections between friends, family, merchants, and applications. Private keys are accessible through the settings page, but there is no need to store them as the main DID account can regenerate all keys.

Web2 Integrations

Many DeFi users drop their public address or NFT images in social media applications. These activities expose the state and activity of their assets to the outside world. We are working on automated associated accounts for all of a member's social networks so that they can interact with their peers and take part in promotions without compromising their privacy.

Portable Auth

Vendible members who are logged in to the wallet can migrate to Trustible or another app and carry their information and signing privledges. We will open this feature to external applications as a method for SSO.


Having different personas and biographies and avatars for different spaces is important online. We are merging the concept of SSI personas with our more secure unique identity framework.

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