Zero-knowledge identity for web3

Vendible is a privacy-preserving identity network that gives you greater control over your data and assets while helping developers remove barriers to DeFi adoption.

Our partners

We are working with some of the greatest companies in the industry to deliver cutting-edge solutions for web3.

We've spent years researching what it will take to make DeFi accessible for everyone.

Early adopters of blockchain and the general population have different expectations of interacting and using this transformative technology. Since 2017, we've crafted a framework to bridge the adoption chasm so that everyone can enjoy the benefits of DeFi while remaining sovereign in simple, smart, and secure ways.

Our focus

Products for consumers and tools for developers

Private key protection

Sovereign zero-knowledge private key recovery using advanced encryption, biometrics, and your secure identity vault in decentralized storage


Decentralized identity with facial recognition to ensure 'uniqueness' - everyone is who they say they are without exposing their information on-chain


Privacy-preserving links between accounts using zero-knowledge proofs and decentralized identifiers (DIDs) keep data and assets secure


Combined DID, zkPs, and decentralized storage for secure management of personal and application data with private links on-chain to manage access


Developer options for anonymous or disclosed KYC, ongoing AML monitoring, hierarchy controls, and features necessary for financial institution compliance

User experience

Developer options for account generation, management, and logic so web2 users can interact with web3 dApps in sovereign ways without connecting wallets

Vendible history


Exploring the problem

Research in early DAOs focused on privacy and identity. Discovery work leading to early formation of leading issues and trust layers necessary for widespread adoption.

Testing solutions

Architecture for privacy-preserving payment system on Quorum blockchain. Decentralized identifiers and privacy mechanisms in place with data hierarchy but limited scope due to custodian nodes.

Finding the Link

Two years of further discovery with financial institutions as potential custodians and corporations as clients led to the link - direct coupling of identity, data, and assets. Talks begin with Algorand Inc. in March 2019.

Opening up

With the release of the Algorand AVM, Vendible was awarded a grant from the Algorand Foundation to make the move we wanted from a closed permission system to an open network, creating a method for coupling identity directly with assets while maintaining privacy. This brought a new set of technical challenges to overcome.

Shipping solutions

Vendible wallet went to alpha in January and closed beta in April. The wallet was the first instance of direct coupling of identity and assets. Our core infrastructure, privacy-preserving associated accounts using zero-knowledge proofs, DIDs, decentralized storage, and advanced encryption is complete. The remainder of this year will focus on a key focus area, sovereign protection for private keys. We will continue to push innovation through our wallet including associated accounts for web2 and web3 applications.

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